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2PM, Sunshine

I wanted to created a break-up mix for valentines day but it was sunny outside. So this happened.

004 – Thinh

You probably have not heard of Thinh. Music lover, producer and dj, just to name a few features coming from this Zweibrücken native. Representing @cawkain, we invite you on a trip in to Thinh universe of sounds, mixing hip hop, downtempo and future beats in to a thirty minute masterpiece.

8AM, We Dreaming

Everybody has dreams. It might be about that book you always wanted to write, places you always wanted to visit, or a piece of art you wanted to show the world, whatever it may be there is one thing that will make your journey more enjoyable; music.

003 – Dakfu

For our third installment of our feature series we invited Dakfu from San Francisco to introduce you to some sunny tunes from half way across the globe. Be sure to grab yourself a nice hot cup of your favourite drink and enjoy the positive vibes.

002 – Luma

Luma behind the decks for our second guest mix. Hailing from Gießen, Germany, he is kicking off this mix his way. With trap & UK Bass he is inviting you to some positive pre-drinking vibes for the night.

4PM, The Passion Fruit

Legend has it that if you are ever lucky enough to find one of these fruits, that your wildest dream will come true. It’s sweet taste and amazing smell will want you having more, but one will be more than enough to achieve your goal. Whatever you are passionated about, you will achieve it. Do […]

001 – XYDOME

Kicking off our first feature, all the way from Hanau, Germany. xydome takes you on a sunny ride down the road with some mellow vibes and a cold slushy.

10AM, We Flying

FRANKFURT. NEW YORK. STOCKHOLM. TOKYO. Starting at the airport where everything might not go as planned, squeezing your luggage past bystanders and getting it checked, hoping that your flight won’t be delayed. Once getting that out of the way and you’re sitting in your flight, taking off, flying over the clouds can be the most […]

5PM, We Cruisin

5pm and It’s sunny here in Germany. Your homie calls you up asking you If you want to catch a ride with him. You’re down of course. Filled with Hip Hop Instrumentals you want to bump this while cruisin with your homies downtown, the interstate or on the country side. Where ever you are in […]
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