Episode 7 ft. Dakfu

We are happy to introduce Dakfu (San Francisco, United States). After doing some digging on SoundCloud, we came across Dakfu's profile and we really feeling the vibes that are…

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Episode 6

One of those nights which you would like to spend with your better half. Let yourself get mesmerized with music from Ian Ewing, Sky Chai, JSMN, and many more. Grab yourself a…

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Episode 5 ft. Luma

Luma (Dortmund, Germany) is setting up a different tone around here. There isn't much to say from our part. We will let the music do the talking from here.

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Episode 4

Let's take a trip back. The weather is getting colder and we are all starting to miss the long summer days, hanging around with our friends, bathing in the sun and just generally…

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Episode 3 ft. XYDOME

For our first guest mix we invited XYDOME (Hanau, Germany) to the decks. His selection of instrumental hip hop and soul combined with future beats fits perfectly in a well-rounded…

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Episode 2

Traveling is a fine thing to do. A big part of this experience is the music we listen to while we do it. It is like a key that for that special moment because when we are back…

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Episode 1

Does late summer nights you’re out cruising with your friends. Bumping to your favorite tracks, enjoying life and sharing experiences. That’s what it’s all about. We have composed…

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