Episode 27 Ft. Kara Boga

Kara Boga (Karlsruhe, Germany) started out his DJ Career in…

Episode 26

Future beats and a whole lot of other things.

Episode 25 Ft. Flora Soul

Oh sheet! Flora Soul is bringing the funk from Wetzlar,…

Episode 24 Ft. Dakfu

We are glad to welcome back Dakfu (San Francisco,…

Episode 23

The new episode is here! Enjoy.

Episode 22 Ft. Jazz Pa

I first discovered Jazz Pa (Nürnberg, Germany) at a party…

Episode 21

Are you ready for some funk?

Episode 20 Ft. B-Ju

We invited B-Ju (Hambrug, Germany) over to play us some…

Episode 19

We been digging.

Episode 18 Ft. MVLI

Get ready to be mesmerized by MVLI (Gomel, Belarus) sound.…