Soulful Hip Hop and R&B? We got you covered. With instrumentals and memorable samples, we are kicking off Episode 8 with sounds from Zuper, Suff Daddy, glue70, and many more. Enjoy the trip and show some love.


in the moment – silo
Gimlet Ft. Hulk Hodn – Suff Daddy
daily routine – Zuper
New York – Ngan
Intro – glue70
blush (strng flip) – mt. marcy
Believe In Me – Flamingosis
Winstons – Eukalyptos
Luna – Esta
Seoul – Gibmafuffi
Werk – Abhi/Djion
usmoke – sleeps
LotusFlowerBomb – Bahwee
Okay! – LETJO
K.C. Vodka – Suff Daddy